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HostGator delivers high quality, easy to use, cost efficient mobile websites that will generate value, increase customer loyalty and add revenue to your bottom line. Whether you're making sites for yourself or your clients, HostGator is the answer. Join the

We powers hundreds of thousands of mobile websites in over 65 countries worldwide


Our platform is an easy-to-use mobile website platform that enables creation of premium mobile sites. No technical expertise is required and our platform is available in several different languages. It allows to offer feature rich sites that are light weight, easy to use and load quickly.

Build in Your Language
Show your location with one click Google maps and directions. Multiple locations supported.

Our WebSites:
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Highlight your products and add a shopping cart so customers can purchase from the site.
Display your latest business reviews from Yelp and Foursquare on your mobile site. Automatically updates.

Create custom forms to suit your business needs. Multiple forms supported.

Full Website
Add a link from your mobile website to your full website.

Image Gallery
Display images from a image gallery or create your own gallery. Images optimized for each device.

Tell a friend
Enable visitors to share information on your business via Facebook, Twitter and email with one click.


Options: 1  2  3  4  (see below)

Upload a menu or create one manually adding images, titles and descriptions.

Display your Tweets on your mobile site, automatically updates.

Call Us
Customers can call you with one click from anywhere within the site, multiple phone numbers supported.

Create special offers and convert leads, multiple and redeemable coupons supported.

Leave a message
Customers can leave a message requesting information.


More mobile site tools
Behind the scenes features!
Sub Pages
Ability to add as many subpages as you like
BWYSIWYG editing
Simple and stress free content editing, using the friendly our WYSIWYG Control Panel tool
Customize the site
Upload your logo or change your site's aesthetics and design to suit your brand
Site Redirection
Automatically redirects from mobile to desktop using WordPress, Drupal, JavaScript, PHP or ASP
Device detection
Viewed flawlessly across thousands of mobile devices
Full transcoding
Displays and automatically updates content from your desktop site in a mobile friendly format
Know where your traffic is coming from and where they’re visiting
Google Analytics
Integrate Google analytics in one simple step
QR codes
Promote your site by generating QR codes and marketing flyers for any page of your site
Check in
Enable vistors to connect to FourSquare, Facebook Places, Yelp, Google Places from your site
Create link
Create a link to any other web pages that will compliment your business
Upload custom icons
Upload custom icons to each feature for a unique look and feel
Smartphone bookmark icon
Upload a bookmark icon so users can return to your mobile site from their home screen
Site preview
Live site preview so you can see edits to the site as you make them
Add specific keywords to each feature to improve ranking in search engines
Site sharing options
Enable vistors to share information on your business via Facebook, Twitter and email
Multiple templates
A variety of mobile templates to choose from to customize the look and feel of your site
3rd party Ads
Include ads with Google AdSense and add revenue to your business
Site SEO
Add keywords to search engines can understand your business and you can grow traffic


Why Do I Need A Mobile Website?

Why do I want to use our platform?

Increase Website Traffic
20% of all online traffic comes from mobile devices
Quick Setup
Simple and easy set up. No coding required
Increase Revenue
Website visitors are 51% more likely to do business with companies that have gone mobile
Tons of Website Templates
A variety of templates are available that can be customized with your logo and choice of layouts, colors, and icons
Increase Leads
Customers can contact you with one click
Auto Redirect Mobile
Automatically redirects customers on a mobile device to your mobile site


Marketing Functions
These features facilitate the effective marketing
of our mobile website

Mobile analytics and traffic stats
Using the dedicated Analytics tool you can easily profile and analyze traffic accessing your site
QR code / marketing flyer
Successfully connect mobile and print marketing campaigns with the QR code flyer feature
Share content
Your customers can send an SMS, email, Facebook status or Tweet about your site
Get a mobile website online today!
Our platform is the fastest and easiest way to prepare your site for mobile access


Test drive our platform for free and see how your business looks on mobile. With our solutions create mobile website from an existing desktop site or using one of our many templates. No coding required.


Build from current website
Automatically create your mobile site from your desktop site with MobileXpress, click-to-call, maps and directions and automatic updates.

  How it works
1. Enter your website URL.
2. We build your mobile site from your existing site.
3. Customize your site with mobile-specific features.

Build from template
Build your mobile site using one of our professionally designed templates and add any of our 30+ mobile-specific features.

  How it works
1. Enter information about your business.
2. Choose template and site colors.
3. Add mobile-specific features to your mobile site.


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Website Builder is a WYSIWYG website construction tool which will aid you in creating and publishing an attractive website in no time! Available at HostGator




While E-Commerce in Weebly is easy to understand and use, it is complex enough to ensure that you will be able to provide your customers with an attractive and secure shopping environment.





And much much more EXTRAS in our cPanel...





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If you become a member and purchase products or services of HostGator from me and my links, I will send you some of the BONUSES that you can choose on this page:

Send me your details HERE:


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