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 About Me

Toni Bon:

    I started work at FLP (Forever Living Products) after I saw how my mother’s condition improved. My mother was 61 years old, 3 months she was lying in hospital and after that they signed her out without a diagnose and without any improvement, she still had pains. The doctors had signed her out because they did everything they could, but without improvement.

    After my mother came home I started cleansing her liver with Aloe and other products. A fter these 6 months when my mother was using the products, she started feeling better. She threw her walking stick away, she is now 65, and she drinks only prophylactic doses of Aloe Vera and she feels very good. I like to help people and make them feel better.


I am distributor of FLP. My leading purpose is to help people for their better health, working capacity, efficiency and happiness by Aloe Vera. Because only amid such people will you and i be satisfied and happy.
    I and my relatives had many health problems but with this realization and with the help of Aloe Vera, we were able to surmount these difficulties. So I recommend that you use FLP.

The worst illness of the century is the empty pocket. If you want to help more people not to suffer from this illness give them a chance to earn fairly a lot of money
Rex Maughan


Contacts: tel.: +359 88 555 69 72 // 14-B Han Krum str.; 4300 Karlovo, Bulgaria  /  Skype: yogtoncho




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